Antonia Apps talks regulatory scrutiny

Antonia Apps talks regulatory scrutiny


Antonia Apps of Milbank talks regulatory scrutiny, the icebergs that hedge fund managers should be aware of in the near future, and the state of fraud in the industry.

Valuations and fees are the key focus for regulatory scrutiny today, she argues: “It’s all about disclosure”. Is the industry getting better at weeding out fraud? Regulators are getting better at spotting the next Bernie Madoff, she comments, but not everyone has their own house in order yet. Watch for her view on the next big regulatory challenge.

This video was filmed at GAIM Ops Cayman 2016, the annual meeting place for C-level alternative investing experts in operations, due diligence and compliance on the stunning Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman.  It’s sponsored by Cordium, a market-leading global provider of regulatory compliance consulting services and software to the asset management and securities industries.

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