Eric Gelb: ODD cannot be commoditized

Eric Gelb: ODD cannot be commoditized


Eric Gelb of O’Connor Davies Financial Services discusses why management fees will drop, the relevance of AIFMD, and the commoditization of ODD.

Management fees will “on average” decrease, he told us, because of competition and a challenging market. However, specialists will thrive.

Meanwhile, can operational due diligence be commoditized? While technological advances streamline some processes, firms “still need people looking under the hood and seeing what’s going on.”

This video was filmed at GAIM Ops Cayman 2016, the annual meeting place for C-level alternative investing experts in operations, due diligence and compliance on the stunning Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman.  It’s sponsored by Cordium, a market-leading global provider of regulatory compliance consulting services and software to the asset management and securities industries.

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