What to look out for at this year’s GAIM Ops Cayman

What to look out for at this year’s GAIM Ops Cayman


GAIM Ops Cayman 2016 has something for everyone, which means there’s a lot going on. To make sure that your event experience is productive, efficient and enjoyable, we’ve got a few tips and highlights for you:

Plan out your afternoon learning

Take a look through the afternoon tracks, particularly if you want to attend the mini-workshops.  There are more than 20 topics running at any one time on Monday and Tuesday afternoon so pick a few that might appeal. The mini-workshops are first come first served but they all repeat two or three times depending on the day so you have more than one opportunity to attend the topic of your choosing.

A welcome to First Timers

If this is your first year, be sure to check out the First Timers’ welcome.  It is a small, casual gathering that allows for meeting new friends, clients and peers before the official event kicks off.

Join us at the Charity Night

Charity Night is another great way to meet new contacts, and it serves as the official kick off signaling that the gaims have begun.  If you did not reserve your ticket yet, do not worry … walk-ins welcome  ($125 pp).

Technology Summit

This year for the first time we are offering this summit which is three, interactive technology related topics lead by some of the best in the industry.  It was pretty clear this past year that technology  is perhaps the biggest disruptor the industry has seen in quite some time.

Hone your personal development skills

What sets the cream of the crop apart is often the softer skills.  That’s why we are bringing in some of the best trainers we can find to help you with your communication and career growth (on Monday the 6th) and your lie detection skills (Tuesday the 7th).

Some program highlights

Some program highlights … always a fan favorite, do not miss the regulators on Tuesday morning.  They are there to tell you what’s next on their agenda so it is an important session.  Also, be sure to mark Michael Woodford’s keynote as a must attend.  It is truly a treat to have him speak this year and will be what everyone is talking about throughout the event.

Connect with your peers

There are several ways to meet your peers at the event: use our App, go to the workshops, attend the speaker hosted lunch tables, go to the networking events and don’t miss the Beach Party on Tuesday afternoon where everyone unwinds after a long couple of days.

Don’t forget you can also connect with the event and follow the discussions on Twitter via #GAIMOpsCayman. We’re looking forward to a great GAIM Ops Cayman 2016.

Haven’t registered yet? Not to worry, there’s still time to save your place! Click here to register to attend GAIM Ops Cayman 2016.

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